Thinking about making an appointment with me? Here are a few tips to think about and how the process works.


I generally charge about $150 an hour. If you are thinking about getting a big tattoo that may take more than one sitting It’s important to budget for no less than $600 a month. This way we can get your tattoo done in a reasonable amount of time. If you wait too long between sittings there can be challenges. I know tattoos are expensive, don’t beat yourself up if you aren’t in the right place financially. I appreciate your business and I want you to get tattooed, but tattoos are a luxury so just be sure you are prepared before we start.


Free Consultations

I do not charge for a consultation. There is no way of knowing for sure if you want a tattoo from me before we talk so don’t sweat bringing any cash the first time we meet up UNLESS you like what you hear and want to make an appointment. Hopefully that will be the case and if so I ask for a minimum non refundable deposit of $150. This saves your spot and gets the ball rolling on your drawing.

If we need to have an additional consultation before your appointment that’s fine. Sometimes I will call or email with questions as I’m drawing for you. I do not generally like to send progress pics because they never come out right and they are not the final product so they won’t really do it justice.


Drawing up your tattoo

I will have your drawing ready the day of your appointment unless we make special arrangements, such as a second consultation. Sometimes I have to do some adjustments on the spot or draw something on. If you really don’t like your drawing for some reason I will hold on to your non-refundable deposit and reschedule with you so I can redraw the piece for you. This almost never happens but don’t be shy, I would rather you say something than get something you aren’t happy with.



If something comes up and you can’t avoid rescheduling please give me as much notice as you can, I’m human I know life happens. If you give me at least 48 hours I can usually get someone else in that spot and I can transfer your nonrefundable deposit to your next appointment. Your deposit counts as your last hour of your tattoo, so if your tattoo takes more than one sitting it won’t come out of the first one. If you cancel within 48 hours of your appointment I will need another deposit to reschedule. I ask for a deposit for every new tattoo I get to do for you.

When you’re ready for a consultation it’s always a good idea to bring references of things you like. I won’t reproduce someone else’s custom tattoo but sometimes it’s helpful to show me what direction you want to go in. It’s always better to print them out or email them to me than show me on your phone. References are NOT necessary, just a suggestion. I can work with you over emails if coming in person is not an option and I can take a deposit online as well.


Preparing for your tattoo

When you come in to get tattooed dress comfortably. Make sure you don’t have an empty stomach, bring a valid government issued ID with your name, picture, and age on it. I don’t tattoo anyone under 18. You are welcome to bring one guest to keep you company, as long as they are of age to be in the shop. I work in a very adult environment so we ask that the kids stay at home, please.

It’s not a bad idea to bring some headphones so you can tune out and listen to your own music if you want. Of course, I can’t tattoo you if you are intoxicated.



I will answer any questions you have about aftercare when we do your tattoo and there are printable aftercare instructions on my website. Please take care of your tattoo the way I recommend. If you need a touch up I am happy to do a free touch up within one year of your tattoo as long as it’s not obvious that you didn’t take care of it properly.

It sounds like a lot of rules but it’s pretty simple and we have a good time at the shop. I want your tattoo to be just what you wanted and your experience getting it to be comfortable and enjoyable.